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Backed with a gently faded red/pink velvet, this shield shaped display of keys is a charming piece that has been competently put together and has survived well, with just minor fraying to the corners... The display itself is likely to date to the 1940s/'50s, but the steel keys are Victorian examples c.1880.

What the display was for is speculation - the window of a locksmiths? A local museum? Whatever it's past purpose, it makes for a lovely display with a good vintage aesthetic and they keys themselves obviously carry a lot of symbolism.

The display measures 39cm high x 31cm wide and is around 0.5cm thick. It can be sat no it's base as per the photo or hung using a hanging loop stitched in to the rear (see last photo).
  • Period: 1940s
    • Price: £95.00
    • €110 Euro
    • $118 US Dollar
  • Location: London
    • Dimensions: H: 39cm (15.35in)
    • W: 31cm (12.20in)
    • D: 0.5cm (0.20in)