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This wooden toy steam train engine by Tri-Ang oozes charm. Dating to the 1920s / '30s it comes from the era when things were made properly - mainly made of wood with hand-painted details, metal wheels with rubber tyres (that have developed flat spots on the bottom from decades of sitting). There's a small, printed transfer stuck inside the cab showing the coal fire and the controls! Years of play have caused numerous scuffs and scrapes and a transfer that would've been on the right side has been lost to time (but is evidenced by a brighter area of red paint). It's no collector's piece but is joyously decorative and surely the appeal of a vintage toy is that you can see the years of fun that it's provided - true character... The loco engine measures 49cm long x 20.5cm high x 15cm wide

  • Period: 1930s
    • Price: £85.00
    • €98 Euro
    • $108 US Dollar
  • Location: London
    • Dimensions: H: 20.5cm (8.07in)
    • W: 49cm (19.29in)
    • D: 15cm (5.91in)