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We currently take it for granted that every important (and often unimportant) moment is captured in a photograph. In the early 20th century though this was a fair less common occurrence - the equipment was expensive and the processes complicated. As a result of this, family photographs like the above would've been a big event - the Sunday best would've been dusted off and a trip into the town's photography studio made.

The resultant images are beautifully high quality (the result of being taken on professional equipment) and amusingly dated. This particular grouping shows four, presumably related, children looking somewhat uncomfortable and seated in the studio's faux countryside setting. The photos have a decent quality, period mounting are glazed and have a dark wood frame.

Condition is generally good - the only thing to note is that the fourth photograph is too narrow for it's mounting - a tad curious, perhaps it was taken at a later date?

The framed photographs measure 59.5cm wide, 29cm high and are around 3cm deep.
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    • Price: £55.00
    • €64 Euro
    • $70 US Dollar
  • Location: London
    • Dimensions: H: 29cm (11.42in)
    • W: 59.5cm (23.43in)
    • D: 3cm (1.18in)