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A lithograph of a Rhinoceros Beetle after water colour by Bernard Durin (1940 - 1988) printed in 1981.

Durin studied each specimen under a hands free magnifying glass in order to understand the intricate detail prior to painting with a 00 size water-colour brush. The detail, texture, colour, scale and precision is absolutely insane, it is very hard for the camera to do these adequate justice. The time it must have taken to study and execute each plate boggles the mind.

Presented behind glass in bespoke wooden period correct bullnose frame, hand made to conservation standards, ready to hang and be enjoyed for decades to come.

  • Period: 1981
    • Price: £120.00
    • €140 Euro
    • $152 US Dollar
  • Location: Warwickshire
    • Dimensions: H: 41.5cm (16.34in)
    • W: 36.5cm (14.37in)
    • D: 0cm (0.00in)