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Antique Wooden Washboard – K

A traditional elm wooden washboard used for scrubbing washing. Each one of these boards is unique, worn and rustic and has its own character and aged look. Some are more weathered or may be lighter or darker in appearance and some are flat or very slightly bowed. They are both practical for displaying things on and look fantastic as a decorative wall piece.

Circa: 1950s

Workshop Report: These are vintage washboards in rustic timber. Each has its own signs of wear from use which give them their lovely character.

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  • Period:
    • Price: £42.00
    • €49 Euro
    • $53 US Dollar
  • Location: Hampshire
    • Dimensions: H: 48cm (18.90in)
    • W: 15cm (5.91in)
    • D: 0cm (0.00in)