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19th century ecclesiastical pedestal stand in original paint.
The stem is chamfered and decorated.
The base has an arrangement of hand painted flowers.
Each foot is weighted by heavy metal feet which have been painted in a faux mahogany style.

An interesting note to the underside, which gives this piece wonderful provenance.
We acquired this piece from St Mary's Abbey, Colwich, Staffs.
The note reads: 'Lent From St Scholastica's Priory, Atherstone, May 9th 1872.'
St Scholastica's priory is no longer standing, a housing estate took its place.
In 1967, 18 nuns from St Scholastica's joined St Mary's Abbey.

St Scholastica priory was founded in 1859.

This piece most likely made between 1859-1872

Height: 83 cm
Width: 39 cm
Depth: 39 cm
Top Surface: 29 cm x 26.5 cm

Signs of use, age, wear, etc

***Bust not included***

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  • Period: 1859-1872
    • Price: £295.00
    • €345 Euro
    • $374 US Dollar
  • Location: Staffordshire
    • Dimensions: H: 83cm (32.68in)
    • W: 39cm (15.35in)
    • D: 39cm (15.35in)