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Traditional Ojibway tribal coat with floral bead detailing.

Originating from the Ojibwe (Ojibwa) people from what is currently Southern Canada and the North Mid-Western United States.

Handmade from smoked moose leather with tassel detailing.

Hand-beaded by an Ojibway artist in the floral style typical of the classic Eastern Woodlands style.

Hand-quilted blue cotton lining and chunky heavy-duty zip.

It is well-worn but in good vintage condition with a good patina. The large majority or the beads are present, there are a few missing here and there, on the cuffs for instance. There is a small tear on one of the sleeves and an old repair.

Measurements when laid flat:

Chest width - 64cm

Shoulder to shoulder width - 58cm

Length of back - 72cm

Front zip length - 53cm

Armpit to hem - 40cm

Width of front hem - 65cm

Sleeve length - 61.5cm

If it is bought to be worn I would say it is roughly a UK men’s size large but could be worn by either sex.

  • Period: 1950s
  • Sold
  • Location: Somerset
    • Dimensions: H: 72cm (28.35in)
    • W: 58cm (22.83in)
    • D: 0cm (0.00in)