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A very rare Table being not only long but very deep also which is extremely hard to find. Made from Solid Oak and dating to the early 1900s it is of excellent quality construction and will be around for generations to come. We have bleached it lightly to bring out the beauty of the wood and its in overall excellent condition for the home. The top comes off for easy access into the home, it has a very generous end overhang and also a side overhang, the knee clearance (set back) is extremely good too. All in all a very good table thats becoming increasingly hard to find. Length 261 cm Depth 109 cm Height 82 cm End Overhang 37 cm Side Overhang 17 cm Knee Clearance 66 cm Top Thickness 4.5 cm Distance between feet along long side 166 cm

  • Period: 1920s
  • Sold
  • Location: Sussex
    • Dimensions: H: 82cm (32.28in)
    • W: 261cm (102.76in)
    • D: 109cm (42.91in)