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19th century armorial crest wall mirror

We share what we love, and we love the decorative appeal of this mid-19th century pine hand carved / painted wall mirror with armorial crest. With its original mirror glass plate, this item completely untouched in form and very well presented considering its age. A highly decorative and even Romanichal style finish with its colour and naïve detail. Believed to be Scandinavian in origin dated from around 1840.

Size of inches: H 28” x W 20” x D 2”

Completely solid in structure and form, with natural wear and patination across all surfaces due to age. The glass mirror has a light mottled effect due it being over 100 years old. The paint is crackled across its surface.
  • Period: 1840
    • Price: £495.00
    • €576 Euro
    • $614 US Dollar
  • Location: London