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Item Description

Early 20th Century Taxidermy Dog Mount

One of those usual yet perfect decorative curiosity objects. An early 20th Century taxidermy mounted dogs head, on pine backed mount. We believe this dog breed to be an Australian cattle dog, or the resembles is similar in our humble opinion.

Origin: Unknown

Material: Pine and natural

Age: 1910 - 1920

Size: Height 18” x Width 12” x Depth 16”

Condition Report

A naturally aged item, that has stood the test of time, as a result it has received some wear and tear in the form of the following:

  1.        The ears are worn across the edges.
  2.        The right cheek has a light tear.
  3.        Light discolouring due to age
  4.        The pine backing base has some light stains on it
  5.        The mount itself when put on the wall is leaning to the right, this can be adjusted if it unpins from the base and remounted maybe.

This item is untouched in form, its firmly in place and original to the date we have suggested.

Its exceedingly difficult to photograph all the areas of these pieces, therefore we strongly suggest reviewing all the photos provided as part of this advert and propose questions where sections are unclear to avoid disappointment upon purchase.

For multiple years we have sold antique and vintage items globally, please expect our items to show relevant age and natural wear, Items are only restored due to breaks and loss, and we always stipulate this in our condition report. 


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Essex, London



Item Location

United Kingdom

Seller Location

Essex, London

Item Location

United Kingdom

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+44 (0)7568 151752