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Prisoner of War Domino and dice set

This set is made from cow bone. Hand carved in the 19th Century by a prisoner of war. The 49 pieces of dominos and single dice are encased in a sliding top box covered in bone and wood patterns. The sliding pine covers may have been added later. Many prisoners of war from the late eighteenth through the early nineteenth centuries made craft items which they sold or traded to acquire a few small necessities such as soap, salt, cigarettes, and medicine.

Size in inches: H 10.5” x W 2” x D 1.5” (Box)

Completely solid in structure and form, with a worn surface and deep natural patination across all the bone and wooden surfaces. The sliding lids may have been added later. This is a well-used example so please expect this in the condition as its well-worn and has loss to detail as the images try and illustrate.
  • Period: 1850
    • Price: £445.00
    • €517 Euro
    • $552 US Dollar
  • Location: London