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Collection of 19th Century Kashmiri Objects

A beautiful selection of late 19th Century hand crafted Kashmiri objects. This collection includes a tobacco jar, pepper shaker, cigar box, pencil case and 2 trinket boxes.


Kashmiri papier-mâché is a handicraft of Kashmir that was brought by Muslim saint Mir Sayyid Ali Hamadani from Persia in the 14th century to medieval India.  It is based primarily on paper pulp, and is a richly decorated, colourful artifact; generally, in the form of vases, bowls, or cups (with and without metal rims), boxes, trays, bases of lamps, and many other small objects. These are made in homes, and workshops, in Srinagar,


Size in inches:

Rectangle Box:           H 3” x W 8” x D 4.5”

Black and Gold box:   H 3” x W 8” x D 4.5”

Tobacco Jar:              H 5.5” x W 4” x D 4”

Pepper pot:               H 4.5” x W 3” x D 3”

Cigar case:                H 5” x W 3” x D 1.5”

Green pencil box:       H 2.5” x W 10” x D 3”


Origin: Kashmir

Material: Papier Mache

Condition Report
Completely solid in structure and form, aged naturally across all the surfaces as shown in the photos provided. light loss to painted/paper sections. Overall, in good presentable condition considering the age of these items.


Its exceedingly difficult to photograph all the areas of these pieces, therefore we strongly suggest reviewing all the photos provided as part of this advert and propose questions where sections are unclear to avoid disappointment upon purchase.


For multiple years we have sold antique and vintage items globally, please expect our items to show relevant age and natural wear, Items are only restored due to breaks and loss, and we always stipulate this in our condition report.  

  • Period: 1890
    • Price: £895.00
    • €1,046 Euro
    • $1,127 US Dollar
  • Location: London