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Mechanical Mill Model

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Item Description

Early 20th Century Folk Art Mechanical Mill Model

Made from old, stamped cigar boxes and wooden sections of pine, this charming and well-crafted piece of English folk-art depicts a working flour mill model. The top section/funnel is open and the wheel spins making the four peds move up and down when turned, if flour was passed through this mechanism it would work. The door painted draw at the base opens to reveal a compartment of sorts. This item was possibly used as a functioning piece of kitchen equipment, but we are unsure as it could just be a model of sorts. Nevertheless, a very unusual and one of piece of folk art. A video of this item is on our social media page if you wish to see it in action.


Size in inches approx.: H16” x W 11.5” x D 9.5”

Origin: England

Date: Early 20th Century

Material: Wood

Condition Report

  1.        Worn surface and loss of painted detail.
  2.        Worn and damaged pine section detail.
  3.        Rusted metal sections.
  4.        Paper sections have weathered away at the top.

This item is completely solid in structure and form. Obvious age is shown in loss of paint, chips, scratches and fading of surface in places. Rust is present as show in the photos provided especially across exposed paint less areas. The item moves perfectly even after all these years however the wheel is temperamental when moved..

Its exceedingly difficult to photograph all the areas of these pieces, therefore we strongly suggest reviewing all the photos provided as part of this advert and propose questions where sections are unclear to avoid disappointment upon purchase.

For multiple years we have sold antique and vintage items globally, please expect our items to show relevant age and natural wear, Items are only restored due to breaks and major loss, and we always stipulate this in our condition report. 

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Essex, London



Item Location

United Kingdom

Seller Location

Essex, London

Item Location

United Kingdom

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+44 (0)7568 151752