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18th Century Hand Forged Wrought Iron Fireplace Trivet    


An unusual example in the form of a tall or even elegant design, 18th Century hand crafted wrought iron trivet. The forged handle at the top has been added after for some reason. This example also has a small candle holder crafted into the rim. An unusual example as these always come in a flat tripod lower form. This item is highly decorative and most certainly would not look out of place in front of a country house open fire.


Dimensions in inches: H 35” x W 15” x D 15”

Age:18th Century

Origin: Unknown

Condition: Aged


Aged wear and tear across all the surfaces due to obvious use over the years. Areas of worn surface area and rust in sections as we have tried to show in the photos provided. Please take into consideration this is an item dated over 200 years old and so the condition will reflect this. It stands firm and secure even after all these years.


We strongly suggest reviewing all the photos provided as part of this advert and propose questions where sections are unclear to avoid disappointment upon purchase. A direct message usually takes 24 hours to answer.

For multiple years we have sold antique items globally, please expect our items to show relevant age and natural wear, Items only restored due to breaks and major loss, and we always stipulate this in our condition report.

  • Period: 1780
  • Sold
  • Location: London