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Carousel Fair Ground Art panels - Height: 190cm Width at top: 125cm Width at bottom: 57cm Depth: 4cm. Sourced from a Fair ground "Swing Carousel" in Holland. 1950/60's. Original, large, hand painted, wooden fair ground carousel panels. With red wooden frames. Each panel has a different young person, either with, or riding a animal or playing a musical instrument and at the bottom, is painted different flowers. Very decorative, good condition, some have water marks, bumps and scraps to the paint work. In places the red paint on the wooden frames has been worn/chipped away. Used condition, please see pictures. Great for decoration, each has been fitted with a chain, so can easily be mounted to the wall. 16x panels in stock, each different. Each priced, individually. 2x panels for sale on this page- 1. Young cherub playing a triangle 2. Young cherub holding a basket of red flowers We have pictures of the original swing carousel, they were taken from. For more photos please email Turner and Cox

  • Period:
    • Price: £195.00
    • €228 Euro
    • $243 US Dollar
  • Location: Essex
    • Dimensions: H: 190cm (74.80in)
    • W: 125cm (49.21in)
    • D: 4cm (1.57in)