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Design trends come and go, but the best bits linger on forever. Just when you think a style has long gone, it’s rediscovered and called retro before being reintroduced. It’s true that what goes around, comes around, and it’s no surprise to find certain design trends back in style after many years in the wilderness.

One of the great things about comeback interior trends is that they pick the highlights of the original designs without any of the bits that should rightfully be left in the past. It’s also possible to combine the best of retro design with the modern luxuries we’ve all come to expect in our homes. So, what are some of the boomerang design trends that don’t seem to want to stay away?

  • Midcentury Modern Design

    Although the term itself sometimes defies definition, furniture and furnishings designed around the middle of the century (roughly from 1933 to 1965) is often considered to be part of midcentury modern. To implement this interiors trend from the past, you’ll be looking at creating dedicated seating areas containing simple furniture and styles.
  • Floral Wallpapers

    Stylised floral wallpapers are a throwback to the 1860s and the Arts & Crafts Movement. William Morris made these vivid wall coverings popular and, thanks to the copyright to his works being passed on to a modern company, it’s possible to get his original designs to complement any Arts & Crafts inspired interior. As well as this, there are plenty of floral wallpaper designs inspired by Morris and his cohorts, making it a great option for those hoping to match this interiors trend from the past with a dollop of individuality.
  • Wood Panelling

    Another one of the design trends back in style is wood panelling, although it brings with it a contemporary twist that ensures it’ll fit neatly alongside some other retro trends. While staid pinewood was the old fallback for wood panelling, now you’ll find splashes of colour on the panels, creating a stylish impression with a retro feel.
  • Houseplants

    Houseplants have been dubbed the children of millennials, and it’s not an idle comparison. Trendy indoor plants give those living in urban, often cramped, accommodation something to nurture and care for, so houseplants are one of those comeback interior trends which have expanded to a different demographic for the 21st century. As well as the wellbeing they bring to any interior, houseplants also bring their own fresh style with them.
  • Geometric Shapes

    This interiors trend from the past brings with it clean lines that feel fresh and funky. Found everywhere from wallpaper and fabric patterns to mirrors, geometric shapes can be bold and dramatic or, if you’d prefer, they can be designed to make a space more soothing. The ability to create two contrasting effects is only part of what makes geometric design an indispensable retro trend – we can see why it keeps coming back.
  • Industrial Lighting

    Although industrial lighting has been around for a while in certain circles, it’s stretching beyond the trendy industrial lofts and making its way into retail and catering locations that thrive on the old warehousing look. As one of the popular comeback interior trends, it’s used in conjunction with bringing old buildings back from the brink of decay, restoring a little of the original character but making it fit for the modern world.
  • Bold Retro Appliances

    In recent years our kitchens seem to have become a little uniform, but one of the design trends back in style aims to revitalise our kitchens instead. Smeg are one of the brands bringing colour back into the kitchen with their brightly coloured appliances, bringing style back to the heart of the home and providing a nice retro contrast with work surfaces and wall coverings.
  • Wicker Furniture

    It might be one of the oldest ways of making furniture but that hasn’t stopped rattan furniture making a comeback. This interiors trend from the past feels new and fresh, with even the top retailers catching on to that fact and using wicker furniture in their interior designs. Although most rattan chairs from the original trend gradually migrated into conservatories, they make brilliant airy additions to living rooms in modern homes.

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