Client Account

Client Account

Our Client Account feature allows Registered clients the option to choose to follow their Favourite Dealers and be notified once a day at around 2.30pm when they add new items to the Hoarde Vintage website. The notification will come to you in the form of a simple email, listing the name/s of any of the dealers you follow that have added new pieces to the site. By clicking on the Dealers name, you will be taken to their storefront page. You can un-follow dealers, or turn off your notifications. In your Account area, you can also view your Saved Items. 


To Register, simply go to the top right of any page and you will see a box named CLIENTS, click on this and a box opens up showing you a REGISTER and LOGIN tab. Click on Register and fill in your chosen email and password and click on CREATE ACCOUNT. Once Registered, to login next time, just click on LOG IN box and enter your email and password.

Once logged in, you click on your name which will produce a drop down menu.  If you click on MY ACCOUNT, it will take you to your Dashboard area, where you can fill in or change your details, view your favourite dealers or saved items and see Messages from the Hoarde Vintage. You can join our Mailing List and select how often you receive our Newsletter, ie weekly, fortnightly or monthly.


Once you have created your account it currently offers you the ability to do the following:

You can change your email and password login details.

You can choose how often you receive our Mailshots, ie, weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

If you turn on EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS to Yes, you will receive a short email around 2.30pm each day when your Favourite Dealers add new pieces (see below).

You will be able to read helpful MESSAGES from the Hoarde Vintage.

You will be able to see at a glance who you are following and your saved items (see below).


The purpose of following your favourite dealers is so that you can be notified when they add new items to the site. There will be a link in the email to that Dealers storefront (just click on the Dealers name), so you can see what they have just added. To follow a Dealer, simply click on the tab ADD DEALER TO FAVOURITES which can be found below any text description box on the Dealers item pages, or in the Directory pages for each Dealer. 


This option allows you to save to your account area items that you like and which you want to refer to later; very useful feature for Designers creating mood boards etc. Just click on the tab ADD TO SAVED ITEMS, again this will be found at the bottom of the text description boxes on each item page.  To view all your favourite saved items, just login to your Client Account and go to the tab SAVED ITEMS.  To go to that item on the site, from your account area, just click on the picture of the box, but don't click on the REMOVE ITEM tab at the top left of the small picture as this will delete the item from you account.

If you need any help, just contact Jane.

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