Client Account - Save items, create Mood Boards, new stock notification

Client Account - Save items, create Mood Boards, new stock notification

Your Client Account allows you the option to follow your Favourite Dealers and be notified once a day, when they add new items to the Hoarde Vintage.  You can save your favourite stock items and create Mood Boards to add them to as well. Please scroll down to read more abou each feature. Your login is private to you and we cannot see your password.


Creating your Client Account is easy, simply go to the top right of any page and you will see a tab named CLIENTS, click on this and a box opens up showing you a REGISTER and LOGIN tab. Click on REGISTER and fill in your chosen email and password and click on CREATE ACCOUNT. Once Registered, to login next time, just click on LOG IN tab (not the Register tab) and enter your email and password. If you forget your password, there is a tab allowing you to reset it, or if you have any problem doing this, just contact us here and we will reset this for you.

Once logged in, you click on your name which will produce a drop down menu.  If you click on MY ACCOUNT, it will take you to your Dashboard area, where you can fill in or change your details, view your favourite dealers or saved items and see Messages from the HV. You can join our Mailing List and select how often you receive our Mailshots, ie weekly, fortnightly or monthly.


*  Change your email and password login details.
*  Choose how often you receive our Mailshots, ie, weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
*  EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS are automatically set to Yes, so that you can immediately start saving items and following your favourite dealers.
    You can turn this off at any time by turning Yes to No in your Dashboard area.
See at a glance who you are following and your saved items (see below for how these work).
Create as many individual MOOD BOARDS as you wish, where you can 'drag' any of your saved items into as many Mood Boards
    as you want. It's very easy to use and will help you keep everything organised and easy to find.
You can un-follow dealers, turn off your notifications or delete your account at any time.

TO FOLLOW YOUR FAVOURITE DEALERS - You must be logged into your Client Account to add Favourite Dealers

The purpose of following your Favourite Dealers is so that you can be notified when they add new items to the site via a simple email containing a link to that Dealers storefront; just click on the Dealers name in the email notification to see what they have just added, as well as the rest of the items they have for sale. To follow a Dealer, simply click on the tab ADD DEALER TO FAVOURITES which can be found below any text description box on the Dealers stock item pages, or in the Directory pages for each Dealer.

SAVING YOUR FAVOURITE ITEMS - You must be logged into your Client Account to save items

Saving an item is easy, just click on the ADD TO SAVED ITEMS tab, which you will find below the text description box for all stock items on the website.  This saves them to your Client Account so you can refer to them later or add them to a Mood Board. To view all your favourite saved items, just click on the SAVED ITEMS tab. To go to that item on the website, just click on the picture of the item.
NOTE: If you remove an item from your Saved Items list, it will also remove that item from any Mood Board you have added it to.


Mood Boards are a new feature added in January 2019. You can create as many Mood Boards as you like, and drag your saved items into them.  You can also move the order of the pictures around and if you want to share a Mood Board selection with a client, take a screenshot and email it to your client, so they only see what you actually want them to see. To create your Mood Board, go to your Saved Items area and from there you can easily create as many individual Mood Boards as you want. You can delete them easily.

NOTE: If you delete a stock item from a Mood Board, it will still remain in your Saved Items list.

If you need any help, just contact Jane.

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