How To Use This Website

How To Use This Website

The Hoarde Vintage showcases items for sale from various Sellers around the UK. Stock is added throughout the day and in real time, so as an item is added you will see it appear immediately on the site. You communicate directly with the Sellers themselves. We do not charge any commission to either client or seller so there are no hidden charges.

The following tips are intended to help you navigate around Hoarde Vintage.  If you would like further assistance, you can contact us here.


Tips for Viewing Stock Items and Pages

CAN'T SEE THE PICTURES - this can be caused by a number of things, usually it's because you may be using an out of date browser, try updating to the latest version of Firefox, Chrome or Safari for instance and this could solve the problem.

If your using Internet Explorer, it may be that you need to add a site to your 'Compatabiity View List'.  This a common issue which many people are not aware of.

Before going to the Latest Items or any Category pages, please read the below as this will help you when browsing these pages.

On each of the Latest Items and Category pages, you will see a menu on the left of these pages called SEARCH RESULTS.  Each of the tabs in this menu can be opened by clicking on it.  Note: these tabs are able to work individually or in conjunction with each other to optimise your search results.

CATEGORIES - Click on the tab, and then click on ALL and the 6 main categories will appear.  If you click on one it will bring up ALL the stock in that category.  However, as most people will not want to view all of the stock in a particular category (ie if you click on Furniture, it will bring up tables, seating, storage etc), we always advise you to use the tabs at the top in the menu bar (pictured below).  This will appear even when scrolling down a page, and when you click on a category, it will show you the drop down menu of sub-cats allowing you to quickly choose which one to view. 

PRICE RANGE - when looking at the stock page of your choice, if you wish to narrow it down to a specific price bracket, click on this tab and choose your price band selection and it will only show you items within this bracket. Otherwise you will be shown items from all price ranges.

ITEM LOCATION- this will allow you to choose to only view items from dealers in the countries in the drop down list provided there.  Otherwise you will be shown items from all our dealers.

DEALER - this tab will bring up a list of all our dealers and you can choose to select one and you will only be shown the stock of that particular dealer. Otherwise you will be shown items from all our dealers.

AGE OF ITEM - this tab will provide you with a list of 'periods', ie., 21st Century, 19th Century etc. Otherwise you will be shown items from all periods.

PREFERANCES - this tab allows you to choose (as per screen shot below) whether to include in your viewing, all sold items, exclude sold items or just show sold items.   Work is also currently underway which, when viewing an individual dealers stock pages, will show all sold items only after you have seen all the un-sold stock items.


Additionally, at the top of each category page and latest items page, you will see the below.   DETAIL VIEW means you see the title description, date of the item and price below the thumbnail picture.  THUMBNAIL VIEW means you just see the thumbnail pictures and not the other details until you click through to view the main page for that item.  DISPLAY allows you to choose how many items per page you view, so if you are currently seeing 60 items per page and click on 180, it will adjust the page to show you 180 items and will also remember your choice when you next go into the site.

Viewing Members Storefront - showing all the stock an individual Dealer has on the site

Members Storefronts

To view the Storefront page for each Member, where you will be able to see all the items they have on the site at any one time:

1.  At the top of any page in the header, and even as you scroll down any stock page, you will see the below.  If you click on the DEALER box, it will bring up a drop down menu of all the members names.  If you select the one you wish to look at, and click on SEARCH to the right, it will take you to that dealer's storefront.


Click on the Latest Items page, or any category page.  Down the left hand side, under SEARCH RESULTS, you will see a tab called DEALER.  If you click on this and select the Dealers name, you will be shown their Storefront.


3.   If you are on a page showing an individual stock item, to the top right of the pictures, you will see the below and if you click on 'VIEW ALL DEALERS ITEMS', you will be taken to their storefront showing all the items for sale they have on the site.

4.   You can also link to their Storefront page from their Directory pages where you will again see 'VIEW ALL DEALERS ITEMS'.

View And Search Members Items


Before you go to the Latest Items and Category pages mentioned below, please see our entry for TIPS ON VIEWING STOCK PAGES

Latest Items Page

Located at the top of each page, in the header bar, is a tab called Latest Items, these pages are very popular as they show all stock that has recently been added to the site by our Dealers. Items are shown in real time, so as an item is put on the site, it will immediately show on the Latest Items page. When you see an item you like, simply click on the picture and it will take you through to the page showing more pictures and details (scroll down below the pictures to see the description etc).  To enquire about an item, or to ask how to purchase it or to make an offer,  just fill in the email form to the right of the pictures and it will go off directly to the Dealer. At the top of each individual stock pages, are links to the Dealers own websites, telephone numbers and a link to their storefront, showing all the items they have on the site.

Category Pages

Located at the top each page, in the header bar, you will find various categories and sub-categories, showing all items for sale on the site. Once you are within the stock pages, you will also find on the left hand side 'Search Results', below which are various filtering options to assist you in quickly moving between all the stock pages.  When you click on a Category page, a drop down menu will appear showing you any sub-categories, which you just click on to be taken to that section.

Search Bar

The 'Search' bar, always located at the top in the header bar, will enable you to quickly locate an item you are looking for. You can search on maker or designers name, as well as specific or generic words; always remember to enter your search words and then click on SEARCH to confirm your action.  If you have a dealers name in the DEALER box, it will then only search on that Dealers items, so remember to clear it if you want to search through everyone's stock on the DC.  When on stock pages, you can also use the left hand Search Results to move around the site.  Just click on one and it will open up. 

Sold Page

Items remain on this page for until deleted by the Dealers.

New Items Notification

To take advantage of this facility you must have created a Client Account on the site. This facility allows clients to 'follow' your favourite Members, and provides an option to receive email notifications up to 3 times a day when your chosen dealers add new stock. Please click here to read about the advantages of registering and how this function works.


Another way to keep up-to-date with new items on the site, is to join our mailing list; find this option at the bottom of every page or email to tell us how often you would like to receive them (ie weekly, fortnightly, monthly or bi-monthly) and we'll set this up for you.

How do I keep up-to-date with new stock added?

The Latest Items pages will show you in real time all new stock added throughout the day. As the dealers load a piece, it shows on this page immediately.

Another way to keep informed, is to create an account, which is easy to do, and this provides you with a means of being notified when your favourite dealers add new items (up to 3 times a day), which might save you missing that coveted piece. To create an account, click on the 'Clients' tab at the top of any page and Register (see Why Register?).

You can also elect to receive our Mailshots, which will include new items, news and information. You can choose to receive this weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Go to the bottom of any page to Register for it or email

How to Contact a Dealer and Purchase an Item


On the page showing you the full details for an item (where you see more pictures, description etc), you will see an Email form to the left of the pictures which, if you fill this in with your contact information and enquiry, will be sent directly to the Dealer who will respond as quickly as possible.

Please use the email form mentioned above to request further infomation, pictures or a condition report and to enquire with the Dealer how you might make a purchase or arrange delivery.  Each Member has their own preferences for accepting payment and agreeing any storage of a piece.

You can also use this form to MAKE AN OFFER, or ask them for their BEST PRICE on an item. Always be clear in your negotiations if delivery is included or not and always ask them to confirm by email the condiiton of the item and any provenance.

PAYPAL facility:

Members can now choose to display next to each of their items a tab, situated below the price, which says PURCHASE ITEM; not all member select to use this option.  If you click on this tab, a form will pop up asking you to confirm with the Dealer that the item is still available and what price, including any transport costs you might pay.  Once you have agreed and confirmed with the Dealer the above, you can click on this tab again, fill in the two price fields and you will be taken through to PAYPAL where you can pay for your item.

If you do not wish to pay vai Paypal, simply contact the dealer who will agree with you whether payment is acceptale by cheque, credit card or bank transfer.   Alternatively, you can send a cheque or do a bank transfer to the DC client account and we will hold your funds until you confirm receipt of the goods and that you are keeping them.  If they are to be returned, then we would hold onto the funds until the Dealer has confirmed receipt back of them in the condition they were sent out.  This gives both parties peace of mind.  If you would like to discuss this offer, then please contact Jane at or call on +44 (0)1798 815572 or +44 (0)778 2339699.

If you wish to find all the contact details for any Member, please go to the Directory where you will find all such information provided. 


If you are unable to make contact with a Member, then please email or call Jane on +44 (0)17698 815572 (office) or +44 (0)778 2339699 (mobile) and she will attempt to do so on your behalf.  For overseas clients, we are very happy to provide whatever help we can, free of charge, in order to help you secure the information or item you desire.

Create your Client Account and How it Works

To create your Client Account just go to the top of the Homepage on The Hoarde and to the right you will see the tab CLIENTS.  Click on this and enter your chosen email and password and save.

Once logged in, you click on your name which will produce a drop down menu.  If you click on MY ACCOUNT, it will take you to your Dashboard area, where you can fill in or change your details, view your favourite dealers or saved items and see Messages from the DC. You can join our Mailing List and select how often you receive our Mailshots, ie weekly, fortnightly or monthly.


Once you have created your account it currently offers you the ability to do the following:

You can change your email and password login details.

You can choose how often you receive our Mailshots, ie, weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

If you turn on EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS to Yes, you will receive a short email up to 3 times a day when your Favourite Dealers add new pieces (see below).

You will be able to read helpful MESSAGES from the DC.

You will be able to see at a glance who you are following and your saved items (see below).


The purpose of following your favourite dealers is so that you can be notified up to 3 times a day, by short email when they add new items to the site.  You will not be sent an email for the same item twice, only when new items are added. There will be a link in the email to that Dealers storefront, so you can see what they have just added. To follow a Dealer, simply click on the tab ADD DEALER TO FAVOURITES which can be found in the text description box on the Dealers item pages, or in the Directory pages for each Dealer.


This option allows you to save to your account area items that you like and which you want to refer to later; very useful feature for Designers creating mood boards etc. Just click on the tab ADD TO SAVED ITEMS, again this will be found at the bottom of the text description boxes on each item page.  To view all your favourite saved items, just login to your Client Account and go to the tab SAVED ITEMS.  To go to that item on the site, from your account area, just click on the picture of the box, but don't click on the REMOVE ITEM tab at the top left of the small picture as this will delete the item from you account.

If you need any help, just contact Jane.