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MEMBERSHIP and Rights of Access

Logins are private and confidential between the DC Ltd (incorporating the Decorative Collective and the Hoarde Vintage websites) and a Seller member. The only person/s who have a right to access any Sellers login for any purpose (including to extract, add / delete data or stock) to DC Ltd websites are the Seller Members themselves or those employed by their company directly, excluding those who work for 3rd party companies and 'Agents' such as other Marketplaces or service providers. No right of access is granted or given without express permission by the DC Ltd to any other outside Party / Third Party that a Seller may be associated with. The Seller cannot provide permission themselves to any Third Party company, Agent or service provider as they are not granted this right. This is to safeguard the DC Ltd own websites, it’s data and the data of all Sellers and Clients who use the sites. To do so will break the terms of Membership. In the event such permission is granted, it will be between the Seller and the DC Ltd only and the DC Ltd will bear no responsibility or liability for any data added, taken from or amended on it's sites by any Third Party, Agent, service company or person within your organisation. Any permission as above that may be granted, excludes any right to share or provide access to any Client data as this would have to be expressly sought from any Clients themselves by the Seller as required by GDPR laws.


Please click here if you would like to apply for Seller Membership where we ask you to let us know a little about you/your business, any website address and social media you may be on.  You can also add some example pictures of the type of things you sell. If you have any difficulties using the online form, please click here to email your information.

Sellers must be full time and professional dealers and carry sufficient stock to be able to regularly contribute to the site. Items must be of good quality, in good saleable condition and as described. Good, clear photographs are very important and we run a strict policy on such.


We accept members dealing in all disciplines, including some architectural and reclaim items, but not things like bricks or building materials. We accept most items, but not those deemed offensive. We accept both antique and 20th Century Sellers and would be pleased to hear from those creating 21st Century non-massed produced items, hand made or bespoke items of quality.  We do not accept reproduction items on this site.


All Sellers are required to be proficient in taking photographs. Even more so now as the pictures on this site are larger and visuals are very important. Taking pictures with phones is not acceptable nor advised and we run a strict policy on reserving the right to remove or adjust any pictures that we deem unacceptable.


All Sellers must be helpful and professional in their handling and attitude towards all clients. We have a lot of overseas clients and time differences arise which Sellers must be mindful of and appreciate that they may sometimes have to reply to clients in the evenings or weekends in order to secure a sale.


All Sellers are expected to be able to operate a laptop or desktop computer as they are responsible for managing their own content on the site themselves.


Running your own website or being part of a site such as Hoarde Vintage, works best for those that are prepared and able to contribute on a regular basis. Please bear this in mind before applying.

These Membership commitments determine that a Seller agrees to providing 1 full months paid notice should they wish to leave, so if you are in the middle of a paid up month, you would need to pay the following month.