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News article on 20/02/2020 by: The Hoarde

Flea Market Haggling Tips

Flea markets are great places to pick up bargains, and haggling can help you get those prices even lower as well as being a fun activity all by itself. Some people, especially reticent Brits, are reluctant to haggle! Some see it as rude or just struggle to find the words to do it effectively, yet vendors expect haggling and find it enjoyable on their side – when done respectfully. So, here is a quick guide on how to haggle at a flea market.

Top flea market haggling tips to ensure you get a bargain while still grabbing the items you’ve got your eyes on.

  1. BE NICE – More important than any other tips on haggling or bargaining is that you must approach the vendor respectfully and maintain that attitude throughout the transaction. Remember, haggling is a mutual activity. If you’re rude, the vendor can easily just refuse to play the game and make the rest of our haggling tips redundant by refusing to shift their price. Be nice – it costs nothing and it may save you a lot.
  2. UNDERSTAND PRICES – For many people, the price they see is the price they expect to pay but remember this is a flea market and not a high street chain. Vendors set their ticketed prices at the most they would expect to take for an item if, for example, an avid collector came past with pockets full of cash. The rest of us can use bargaining tips to bring the prices down.
  3. BE CONFIDENT – If you don’t ask, you don’t get. That’s the basis of all flea market haggling tips, so be sure to ask about the possibility of a price drop. There are ways to encourage the seller, but it all starts with having the nerve to use these bargaining tips.
  4. TRY THE COMBO TRICK – Buying more than one item from a vendor immediately generates some goodwill, and that’s the perfect time to use your haggling skills to get a discount. As we’ve already mentioned, the ticketed prices are the maximum the vendor was hoping to get, so you’ll have more leeway if you’re buying multiple items and hoping to pay below the ticketed price.
  5. LOOK FOR DEFECTS – If there are flaws on the item, perhaps a scratch or a dent, that’s a great opportunity to ask for a discount. Like all bargaining tips, though, this should be undertaken respectfully – don’t tell a vendor their item is rubbish and then ask for money off.
  6. CASH, CASH, CASH – As well as ensuring you stick to whatever budget you have, carrying cash is one of the most underrated flea market haggling tips out there. It’s true vendors often don’t accept card, but there’s also something about the sight of a wad of cash for a potential sale that has sellers scrambling to haggle and make that sale.
  7. PLAY THE PAUSE – One common strategy for haggling is to ask for a discount, put the item back and wait to see what the seller’s response is going to be. If they sense you’re serious about leaving the item behind if there isn’t a discount, they’ll be more willing to bargain on the price.
  8. BE WILLING TO WALK AWAY – No threat to walk away is believable unless you would actually walk away from the deal. When you’re thinking of tips on haggling, being unafraid to walk away seems counterproductive, but it stops you wasting your time and feeling pressure to buy something for a price you’d already decided was beyond your budget.
  9. SHOP LATER IN THE DAY – The closer you get to closing time, the more willing sellers are to clear their stock for cheaper prices. Try using our flea market haggling tips later in the day to get the best deals.
  10. DON'T PUSH YOUR LUCK – If a good deal is on the table, take it. Pushing your luck to get an even bigger discount has been the downfall of many a bargain hunter – remember that vendors don’t have to haggle and you’re straying into disrespectful territory if you value their stock too low.

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