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The art deco design trend emerged in early 20th-century Paris and aspired to symbolise the post-war world. It was intended to make people feel upbeat, joyful, and hopeful. Its furniture is refined with unexpected, edgy elements. 

If you are still getting to grips with art deco furniture, telling an original product from a counterfeit can be challenging. For those that want to invest in art deco furniture but don’t know where to start, read on to learn more. 

1. The integrity of art décor

You must be able to tell a fake piece of deco furniture from a genuine one to prevent being scammed. You should start by assessing the overall quality of the piece and look for any unique features that identify it as an art deco creation. Look for polished, shiny accents and materials like pearl and ebony with intricate inlays and decorative patterns.

Try to track down the piece's designer and ask the vendor for any relevant paperwork that can attest to the piece's authenticity. Knowing its production date can help you identify whether it’s authentic or fake. Instead of buying something you might regret, be open to other options if you have doubts about the quality or value of the piece you’re assessing.

Similarly, analyse the condition of the furniture. Check for signs of breakage, scratches, cracks, or replacements. Any art deco furniture you purchase must be in good shape. For example, if you examine an original art deco piece and see any damage, you may decide it’s not worth its price tag. Evaluate the level of the damage before you invest. If there is only minor damage, it can be fixed.

2. Materials used

Art deco furniture typically comprises wood, varnish, natural stone, and metal. Some high-end designer furniture features flashy animal skin or acrylic accents that signal their owners' lavish lifestyles. 

Analysing any wooden deco object, you will find it’s crafted from rare and exotic wood. It's not authentic art deco if the compartments are made of plywood or chipboard.

The most distinctive attribute of art deco furniture is its high-gloss appearance. It's possible that the furniture is not authentic if it does not have a high sheen. 

3. Type of deco furniture

Art deco furniture includes chairs, cupboards, dining tables, and beds. With such a variety of furniture, it’s possible to have a piece of art deco furniture in every room of your house. In addition, art deco furniture is so well-made that you can expect it to last for many decades to come.

The drawers are large and robust, commonly constructed of exotic woods like Macassar ebony or burled oak. You may sometimes come across furniture with metals like gold, copper, or secondary colours.

Beds were primarily large and fashioned from wood with touches of metal. Depending on the designer, they might contain intricate themes from historical Mayan and Egyptian civilisations.

The glass-topped cocktail table with metal clasps is the most iconic piece of art deco furniture. This piece would undoubtedly have been displayed front and centre where it could be admired and discussed.

Final verdict

If you follow the advice above, you should be able to find an art deco piece that will become a firm favourite in your home or business.