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Porcelain continues to be a popular type of antique. The beautiful artistry that went into creating many pieces means they are still highly sought after. The fragility of many porcelain items also means that pieces in good condition can be worth a lot of money. 

Whether you’re a collector or on the hunt for great porcelain to sell at auction, understanding what is the most popular styles out there can help ensure you are making a good investment. Here is some antique porcelain that you should keep an eye out for.

Meissen Figurines

Meissen is a name synonymous with high quality, which is why its porcelain is highly valued and collectable. Early figurines are especially collectable, although they also come with a high price tag. 

While the majority of early Meissen figurines are the most valuable, especially pieces designed by Johann Jakob Kirchner and Johann Joachim Kändler, even more common Meissen porcelain can fetch hundreds at auction. 

It is worth familiarising yourself with the Meissen marks and styles to help you pick pieces out and also authenticate them.

Dresden Lace Figurines

Dresden lace figurines are beautifully fragile, so it’s no surprise that these figurines in good condition are highly sought after. Made by dipping lace in slip before attaching it to the figures and firing them, which burnt away the fabric but maintained the textured porcelain, these beautiful figures are incredibly delicate. 

Unlike any other porcelain of the time, Dresden lace figurines combine the beauty of porcelain with the movement of fabric, which is why their popularity has been maintained. 

However, the lace aspect also means that they are subject to damage so intact figures fetch a lot at auction. Even figurines with subtle damage are looked for and can be worth a few hundred pounds to collectors.

Royal Nymphenburg Figurines

Royal Nymphenburg has been producing porcelain figurines and plates since the 1700s. The company is known for exquisite attention to detail, as well as designs that encapsulate themes of mythology and nature. 

As a result, its early figurines are now looked for by collectors and can fetch a lot at auction. Rarer figurines can easily be sold for thousands of pounds, with more common designs still attracting bidders. 

Unfortunately, there are a lot of reproductions of earlier figures, so it is important to know what to look for. Reproductions are still beautiful and will sell, but for nowhere near the amount that originals will, so knowing what to check for could help ensure you pick up genuine pieces.

Capodimonte Pieces

Another company that has been crafting porcelain items since the 1700s is Capodimonte, which is known for its household items. The company makes figurines, chandeliers and other household items, all of which are incredibly beautiful and popular.

While many antique Capodimonte pieces can do well at auction and are collected, the larger pieces tend to sell particularly well. Large pieces in good condition have been known to sell for several hundreds of pounds, with rarer items doing even better. 

It is worth noting that earlier Capodimonte pieces were white or ivory with a stunning shiny glaze while later items were brilliantly coloured. This means that earlier pieces may not be as easy to pick out if you are used to looking for coloured Capodimonte porcelain. 

Ru Guanyao Porcelain

These incredibly rare Chinese porcelain pieces are the jackpot if you manage to find a genuine item. Featuring a stunning blue-green glaze and ice-crackle pattern, Ru guanyao porcelain is incredibly rare as the kiln in China’s Henan province only operated for 20 years.

In 2017, a small dish used for cleaning brushes sold for an incredible $37.68 million at an auction in Hong Kong. However, these pieces are incredibly hard to find due to being over 900 years old, so you might be better off focusing on the above antique porcelain.