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Most buyers make snap judgements with their eyes before they carry on scrolling through product listings, and that means product photography tips are more important than ever if you’re serious about selling your antiques. So, if you’re wondering how to take product photos on a budget and still keep them looking consistently fantastic, here are our top product photography tips.


# Use Your Smartphone

Mobile phones have come a long way from those first grainy cameras that gave the shape of your product and little else. In the past, expensive photography equipment (or paying someone to take professional photos of your antiques) was the only option, but now you can use the quality camera on the phone to take those professional photos. Just remember that having a smartphone to take great antique photographs is only half the battle – you still have to make those photos look stunning.


# Get a Tripod

If you’re selling a range of products, the key is consistency and that can be achieved with a simple smartphone tripod. With the rise of quality smartphone photography, plenty of small tripods have flooded the marketplace, ensuring you’ll find one that suits your needs and your budget. Keeping your photos crystal clear is a key element when you’re learning how to take product photos – good imagery stops a viewer from scrolling past, great imagery makes them click.


# Find Natural Light

Professional photographers know how important natural light is to creating the perfect product photography, so take a leaf out of their book and use natural light to your advantage. Product photography tips can focus on which artificial light sources to use but start by making the best of natural light. As well as giving a natural glow to your antique photography, it also saves you money on hiring on buying expensive lighting equipment that you probably don’t need.


# Photograph a Variety of Angles

Something else professional photographers know is that all the product photography tips in the world won’t help if you don’t take enough photographs. Remember, you’re hoping to show your product at its best, and the most effective way to do that is by taking photos from different angles and showing the item in its entirety. If you miss out on all the various angles, potential buyers might think you’re trying to hide something. For bonus points, you can even create a video to show every angle and crevice of the product.


# Use Real-Life Scenarios

How many photos of antiques or collectables against bland white backgrounds can viewers see before they all blend into one? Another of our expert tips when taking product photos is simply to move your products away from the bland backgrounds into real-life situations instead. Take a picture of your clock on a mantlepiece or your chair set beside a table. It draws the eye on a list of similar items, especially if you also take advantage of the other product photography tips in this guide.


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