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Vintage Christmas ornaments are familiar to many of us as remnants of our childhoods. For some, the past times Christmas tree and old Christmas decorations are what really makes Christmas sparkle, but what’s the history behind old fashioned Christmas decorations and why are they still so important? 

Why Are Vintage Christmas Ornaments So Enchanting? 

Vintage Christmas decorations have their own stories attached. Sometimes these stories are of a particular family, while others have a historical significance that tells of particular times and trends. 


For example, miniature Christmas village ornaments are prized by collectors, even though they’re simply made from cardboard, while the glass figural ornaments coming from Germany during the first half of the 20th century are impressive and beautiful. 


You can also find Christmas decorations affected by war shortages – some American Christmas ornaments during World War were covered in foil to mimic the appearance of metal while the UK’s version of this were paper hangers and cardboard caps to help hang bulbs from the tree instead of the traditional silver. While these were stopgaps in times of need, these old fashioned Christmas decorations are now highly coveted by collectors and Christmas aficionados. 

Making Old Christmas Decorations the Heart of Your Christmas 

You can add a touch of vintage Christmas to your celebrations by visiting in-person or virtual Christmas antique fairs and finding vintage Christmas ornaments to hang on your tree or pin up around the home. 


Popular old Christmas decorations include:


  • German kugels (glass spheres)
  • Indented baubles 
  • Diorama ornaments 
  • Wooden ornaments
  • Cotton and wood ornaments 
  • Hanging glass balls 
  • Glass garlands 
  • Bottle brush ornaments 
  • Bells and other musical ornaments 


Some of these will work well together while others may mark a clash of vintage Christmas styles. Nevertheless, the options for vintage Christmas ornaments are numerous – and they’re relatively straightforward to find even if you don’t have a cache of old Christmas decorations stored in the attic. 

Antique Christmas Presents and Cards 

Vintage Christmas ornaments can also make a unique gift for anyone interested in the heritage of Christmas celebrations. Sometimes it’s as simple as adding to an existing collection of glass baubles when you find a perfect match on an online marketplace, but other relatives and friends can be tricker to buy for. If you know you want to buy antique Christmas gifts, what should you consider?


Here are some pointers:


  • If you think they’d enjoy old fashioned Christmas decorations as presents, ask yourself what would fit well with their current style of living. For example, bottle brush ornaments may be charming, but they might not mesh well with an elegant Christmas style – in this case, vintage hanging glass balls or indented baubles might be better. 
  • Vintage Christmas ornaments can be very fragile so bear that in mind if you’re shopping for someone with children. Why not consider bead garlands or Christmas tree toppers that aren’t as easy for little hands to get their fingers on? 
  • Do they have a real Christmas tree or an artificial one? The debris falling from a real tree may damage old Christmas decorations, so you may have to think of alternative options. 


Of course, vintage Christmas ornaments are only one way to bring the splendour of the past to a modern Christmas celebration. There are plenty of options for antique Christmas presents that match any budget and still have a touch of the personal about them. 


If you’re searching for perfect antique Christmas gifts, think about hobbies the person has that might link to antique or retro items? For instance, if someone does a lot of sewing, vintage sewing accessories could make a thoughtful gift. Or perhaps a member of your family is interested in military history – there are plenty of antique Christmas gifts available at Christmas antique fairs or online. 


Don’t forget antique Christmas cards either. Traditional cards can be found with their unique blend of Christmas cheer and peculiarity to raise a smile or an eyebrow this Christmas. 

Find Your Perfect Vintage Christmas Gifts 

Tracking down the perfect vintage Christmas ornaments or the best antique Christmas presents for your friends and family doesn’t have to be too difficult. Make a list of the types of vintage Christmas gear you’re looking for and search specialised online marketplaces like The Hoarde to find the right Christmas items for you or your friends. 


The Hoarde brings together buyers and sellers of quality vintage goods, allowing customers to shop with confidence and giving sellers the opportunity to display their vintage Christmas goods to a wide audience.