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Holiday season is upon us, and if you’re soon to be jetting off to another country, will you be on the lookout for antiques to add to your collection?

For those who love the charm and history that surround antiques, various locations across the globe offer a treasure trove of vintage items just waiting to be unearthed. From bustling markets to quaint little antique shops, you’re sure to find some unique pieces in the many different corners of the world, reminding you of memorable times you had whilst on holiday.

Here are three top travel destinations where antique enthusiasts can indulge their passion:



It’s easy to get lost in the romance and culture of Paris, and you could say the same for antique hunting while you’re visiting. Famous for its flea markets, such as Marché aux Puces de Saint-Ouen, one of the largest in the world, Paris offers copious amounts of Parisian antiques, from exquisite furniture and intricate clocks to vintage clothing and rare books. Whilst you explore the streets of Paris, you’ll find a mix of antique dealers and casual vendors. Don’t forget to schedule a visit to the numerous antique shops in Le Marais!



The charming capital of Denmark offers travellers an array of antiques of Scandinavian design and historical artefacts. If you’re visiting Copenhagen, you may want to take a wander down to Strøget—one of the world's longest pedestrian streets, it is lined with a wealth of shops, including multiple antique stores bursting with Viking-era relics and mid-century modern furniture.



Berlin is known for its historical landmarks, laid-back way of life, and abundance of flea and vintage markets. Berlin’s rich history is reflected in its antiques, with many items telling stories of the city's past ages. Antique lovers must take an adventure down to Suarezstraße, also known as the antique mile; the street is home to a great many antique shops just waiting to be explored!


Final thought

Throughout this blog, we’ve only touched on a handful of locations known for their antiques, from the romantic flea markets of Paris to exploring the vibrant antique mile in Berlin. But you’re sure to find extraordinary items wherever you go that capture the essence of each culture.  

When embarking on your holiday, why not add a little charm to your visit and seek out some memorable antique treasures?

One thing to consider when buying antiques abroad, though, is how you will get them home if you’re buying any large, bulky items. If you’re buying from an antique shop, the owners may be able to organise a delivery service for you, but this can be expensive. The language barrier can cause an issue here, but you may be able to find a local who has knowledge of nearby couriers and might offer you a better deal. 

That being said, once you’ve got delivery sorted out and you arrive home, you will be able to enjoy your new addition to the room with fond memories of your holiday!

Happy antique hunting!