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Characterised by minimalistic designs and neutral colour palettes, modern décor offers a sleek and easy-to-clean aesthetic in the home. Despite the practical appeal, modern spaces can sometimes feel a little empty, like something’s missing, due to the lack of clutter.

If you’ve embraced a modern design in your home but sense that the space needs something extra, adding a hint of charm and warmth with an antique rug may just be the missing puzzle piece.

Read on to learn how to find the perfect rug, adding the right amount of character to your modern design spaces.


Design versatility of the antique rug 

When you hear “antique rugs”, you might envision a large, busy, and red Persian rug which couldn’t possibly fit into modern décor. But remember, designs and fashion have evolved across eras and regions, offering a variety of colours and designs to fit most styles; you just need to know what to look for.

Scandinavian rugs - usually subtle in colour, using whites, beiges and subtle pastel colours. These rugs, like the striking Swedish Rag Rug, seamlessly fit into a modern look due to their simplicity.

Persian Rugs - boasting intricate floral designs, medallions and arabesques. Persian rugs can add a vibrant pop of colour with their deep reds, blues and golds.

Morrocan rugs - known for bold geometric patterns, featuring diamonds, triangles and zigzags. Moroccan rugs made from earthy tones like terracotta can add softness and warmth to modern spaces.

Turkish Kilims - flat woven and rich with symbolism, featuring motifs like the Elibelinde, Nazarlik, Tree of Life, and the Evil Eye. These rugs are bold in colour with large, striking patterns. 


Practically incorporating rugs into your modern space

When selecting a rug, avoid relying solely on visual judgement - this can result in mismatched sizes disrupting the room’s harmony with the furniture. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Which room is the rug for and how big is the space? 
  • How is the space furnished, and with what shaped furniture?
  • What colour schemes are you looking for within that room?

Answers to these questions should help you choose the right size, shape and colour, ensuring it enhances each room’s aesthetics rather than unbalancing it.

Quick tips:

  • In spacious living rooms, placing all of your seating furniture fully onto a large rug can create a cosy, cohesive look.
  • A rug in a smaller bedroom can work, as long as proportionately sized. Keep the bedside tables on the floor and the bed’s front legs on the rug.
  • For round dining tables, use a circular rug to naturally accentuate the furniture.


The key takeaway

Integrating rugs correctly into your home can help define open-plan areas or draw attention to certain aspects of a room. Antique doesn’t mean unfashionable; carefully selected rugs can add warmth, character and historical depth to modern interiors. 

Embracing the blend of old and new could just be like adding the final brushstroke to a masterpiece.