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Your product listing pages are the gateway to a sale, yet many sellers miss out on chances to optimise product listings and make that crucial sale. Think of your product page as the main opportunity to connect with a potential buyer and ask what they want to see and how they want to see it. Utilise our tips to create a good product page and watch your vintage items fly off the virtual shelves.


1. Photography

We all know that one picture is worth a thousand words, but it’s also true that the picture has to be brilliant. Professional photography helps showcase your product listing more effectively than anything else – if a site visitor skims images of items and sees a boring image on your listing, they’re going to carry on scrolling.

So, the most important of our product listing tips is to invest in quality photography for your items. If you can’t afford a professional photographer to help, we’ve listed some top tips to help your product photography here. You could even create a short video showcasing the item!


2. Content

Without quality content, your listing is going to flounder. Once a potential buyer clicks through to the product listing, they want to be wowed by a combination of the imagery and the words. This worries some sellers who don’t feel they know how to write a product description, but it doesn’t have to be as complicated as you think.

Focus on explaining the facts about the item in an engaging way, using the history of the product to its best effect and don’t forget the facts about size, weight, blemishes and everything else the customer needs to know to make an informed purchase.


3. Attractive Price

Product listing tips often focus on what you can do to improve the chances of customers buying once they’ve shown an interest in an item by clicking through to the product listing. However, it’s an unpalatable truth that, when they’re on the page, the price is generally the thing that makes them stick around to get more information or quickly move on because its beyond their budget.

Pricing to sell is the unsung hero of our tips to create a good product page. If you want to sell an item quickly and free up space to sell the next item and so on, you need consistent sales. Unsold stock lingering on your product pages looks bad too, leading customers to ask what’s wrong with the item if it’s been hanging around for a long time.

Work out a product’s costs and identify a profit margin that’s reasonable to both you and a potential customer then set a price that catches attention rather than encourages the listing to gather dust.


4. Delivery Terms

Some sellers work so hard trying to optimise product listings that they forget there’s another element to making a sale – delivery options and requirements. With antiques especially, there are practical considerations to delivery of items and so potential customers want to know how you handle your sales and what your delivery terms are.

Remember, all tips to create a good product page should be focused on what the customer needs to see, and you won’t make a sale if a customer has no idea how the item is going to make it from you to them. It might seem like a side issue compared to the actual product itself, but it forms a crucial part of the trust bargain between you and the customer.


5. Show Other Items on Product Pages

Our final tip to creating a product page that helps you sell is to hedge your bets and link to other listings on your product pages. Your visitors might not be interested in the item on their screen, but they may be interested in browsing through the other products you’ve got on offer.

The length of time a customer spends on your site increases the likelihood they’ll buy something. At the very least, it imprints your product range on their minds and they’re more likely to return later if they’re looking for something else.


About The Hoarde

The Hoarde was established in 2011 and is one of the top marketplaces to buy and sell antiques online in the UK and across Europe. As standard, all product listings on The Hoarde website show other items from the same seller, delivering a quality experience for both dealers and customers. New items are added by trusted dealers every day!