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High Quality Surrealist Coastal Scene

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This other-worldly landscape is undoubtedly influenced Salvador Dali's most famous work, The Persistence of Memory (1931), with the most apparent parallels being the dreamlike reinvention of a coastal setting, and the remarkably precise technique, which Dali himself called 'the usual paralysing tricks of eye-fooling'. This painting, however, has its own unique exploration of surrealism. Using wonderfully vibrant, saturated colours, the artist depicts a paradisiacal beach with tranquil blue waters, golden sand and pink clouds. The mysterious spherical and orb-like objects are the focus of this ethereal scene - appearing to be manmade objects, with their circular forms perhaps tying in themes of infinity and the totality of time - a clear echo of Dali's work. The lack of distinction between night and day further feeds into this theme; an artistic exploration of concepts that are difficult for our conscious minds to comprehend. Artist Name: Signed (unidentified at present) Approx Date: 20th century Frame Size: H 29 cm x W 34 cm x D 3.8 cm Image Size: H 22 cm x W 27 cm Medium: Fine oil or watercolour on board. Condition: Good Weight: 1.2 kg SKU: 1246 SPECIAL OFFER - NO SURPRISE SHIPPING COSTS To purchase securely, click star ★ WEBSITE (top right corner below contact number) UK & EU: Free shipping - all costs included in the retail price. USA & Canada: $90 - fixed price for packing and shipping. All Other Destinations: please request a shipping quote.

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Surrey, Surrey

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H: 29cm W: 34cm D: 3.8cm


Mid Century

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United Kingdom

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Surrey, Surrey

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United Kingdom

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